Favorite Business Tools & Apps 2016

We love all the new apps coming out lately.  And we love the ones we have been using for years.  Here’s Follow Your Arrow’s favorite apps list:

  1.  HootSuite – Hootsuite is a great application for posting to social media on a regular basis.  It allows you to post across many different platforms.  Just remember though:  you still need to log in to social media applications and interact!  Listening is even more important than posting!
  2. Tweetdeck – Tweetdeck is for Twitter.  It’s a great application for organizing tweets, mentions, etc.  Twitter posts move so quickly.  And Tweetdeck allows you to keep up.
  3. Evernote – Evernote is a great note taking application.  It allows for sharing across different devices.  And allows you to attach different files.
  4. MileIQ – MileIQ allows you to track mileage and easily categorize it as personal mileage or business mileage for tax reasons.
  5. Gusto – Gusto is an online program for tracking payroll.  It is simple and inexpensive.
  6. DropBox – We love DropBox.  You can get it free or upgrade for a small amount yearly.  DropBox is a great way to share files (especially big ones) to others or other devices.
  7. Wunderlist – This is great for ‘to do list’ for task management.
  8. Team Viewer – It’s a software for internet based remote access.  So I can share my screen with my team even if they are on the other side of the state.
  9. Slack – Slack is a collaboration tool.  It’s a great way to communicate between different teams and different team members (without worrying about an email getting lost).
  10. Skype – Skype is a great tool to have conversations if in person isn’t possible.
  11. Mail Chimp – Mail Chimp is an email service that is free.  If you upgrade, the cost will depend on the number of contacts you have in the system.
  12. Aweber – Aweber is also an email service.  I like the AB split testing they offer.  Aweber has a 30 day free trial, then starts at $19/month (and goes up depending on the number of contacts).
  13. Polaris Office – Great app that allows you to pull up Microsoft Office applications.
  14. Log Me In – Great remote access program
  15. Insightly – good CRM (customer relationship management) tool for small business
  16. 17Hats – good CRM that has email service attached.
  17. Echosign – Need signatures online (instead of in person)?  Echosign can make any document into an online signing document.  This is great for any business that does not require a ‘wet signature.’
  18. BaseCamp – This is a project management tool for tracking the progress and keeping everyone in the loop.
  19. LeadPages – We love leadpages for creating landing pages.  The best part?  They have great analytics in order to optimize your lead page (and get better results).