What Does an Email Marketing Consultant Do?

When running a business, it is essential to keep the needs of your consumer in mind. You may know the “why” of your business, but you are unsure of how to communicate that with your client base. Email is the most effective channel for marketing, and there are specialists who help businesses improve their marketing efforts. An email marketing consultant has the job of strategizing and optimizing content to improve engagement, as well as ROI. More specifically, email marketing consultants:

  • Copywrite
  • Manage & edit outgoing email processes
  • Analyzes digital footprints


Copywriting is the process of writing text for the purpose of advertising or marketing. In this case, the marketing is done through email. An email marketing consultant can define the mission of the business through these emails, without seeming too desperate or too adamant. The purpose of this content is to make your reader want more. That could mean clicking on the link to your website or even making their first purchase after signing up to receive emails. In order to properly convey the message of the brand or business, copywriting is a useful skill for an email marketing consultant.

Managing & Editing Outgoing Emails

Email lists, frequency of emails, and the content of your email are going to have a heavy impact on your engagement. While copywriting is a necessary skill, being able to strategize who is on your email list may be just as needed. Your email list gives you valuable information, which can be further analyzed by an email marketing consultant, who is then able to edit the content of outgoing emails to connect with the reader on a deeper level. Following that, they make it an easy process to receive the products or services from your business. Obtaining consumer engagement is what will lead them to purchase a product/service.

Analyzing Digital Footprints

When a consumer is viewing your website, they may be opted to type in their email for updates, discounts, etc. An email marketing consultant could set this up for your business, and from there set up a welcome sequence. It could also be helpful to use that information to collect demographic data for your client base. When emails are sent out to an email list, an email marketing consultant could measure click rates or conversion rates. The tracing of the consumer’s “digital footprint” could help businesses improve the content of the emails they send out, thus improving overall engagement.

You can’t buy engagement. You have to build engagement.

Tara-nichole nelson

An email marketing consultant is in charge of expressing the mission of the business through email. In order to perfect this process, the consultant will copyright content for the emails, manage outgoing processes such as email lists, as well as analyze the data received. Each business will be different in its goals, however, the consultant has one goal in mind: engagement!

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