What Skills Do You Need to Be an Email Marketing Specialist?

There is a significant amount of potential in utilizing email marketing. There is potential for building relationships with clients and creating new ones. Additionally, it can help to increase engagement and ROI for businesses small and large. So what kind of skills are necessary to become a specialist in this area?


Imagine you are receiving over 100 emails per day. Many of those emails may require a response, and others may come from various subscriptions. The subject line as well as the preheader (what is shown under the subject line from the inbox point of view) is going to have to grab the attention of your audience. It is important to include a significant welcoming or an offer to your potential consumer in the subject line. Avoid using a click-bait title that teases the emailed consumer. You should be including the subject of your email within the body of your emails, meaning that what you’re offering should be authentic. The last thing you want is to be sent to spam!

Determining and Understanding Your Audience

Email Lists

You have complete control over your email lists and the way that you communicate with your audience. You can get specific with who you are targeting, meaning that your campaign can be as flexible as you’d like. The length of your list is less significant than the quality. You want to make sure you are adding engaged clients to your list, segmenting those who are most likely to invest time or money into your product or service.


In addition to curating the appropriate email list, you should be operating your email program and database to measure ROI and potential ROI. Check on click rates and the engagement of potential consumers. Track who is signing up for emails, what they are using from your site, or who is clicking on the information linked in your emails.

Strategy and Flexibility

Going into any marketing campaign, there is a goal. A skill that is necessary to be an email marketing specialist is having a problem-solving mindset and the ability to be flexible. When you focus on solving the problem the consumer has, it is easier to generate valuable content within your emails. You also have to be flexible in your emailing plans, meaning that you should have the capability to develop a specific message for each of your various segments.

The Benefits

When each of these skills and perspectives come together, the effects will be a successful campaign. Just remember that you have control over your email lists, your creativity, and your strategy. From that point, it is up to your client to use that information to consume what you are offering to them. I hope that these tips serve you well, and happy emailing!

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