What is the Price of Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing services can vary in pricing. When considering the value these services provide to businesses, you can expect a wide range of fees depending on the size of your business. The price can also depend on the chosen platform, the services’ various features, or the professional. These services include sending newsletters to your email list, creating an email list, or creating responsive email templates.

Let’s start by taking a look at some pricing examples from some marketing service platforms.

For example, ActiveCampaign has a pricing bracket with 3 marketing and CRM services plans. These plans vary in price and are charged yearly. You would be able to adjust the number of contacts that your business has and select a plan from there, or you could get a more customized plan through their sales team. These plans could include features such as sending out an email to your customer when they left an item in their online cart or segmenting your client base.

Under “transactional email”, you can view the prices that Postmark charges for emails per month. This specific email marketing service charges a monthly price to send out individual emails to your clients or customers. A service like this would include outgoing emails, inbound email processing, and open-rate tracking. Other features could be included depending on which platform you choose, and which plan you choose. There is a wide range of platforms that offer similar services, so be sure to align your goals with the features that they may offer to your business.

Hiring an Email Marketing Specialist

If you’re looking to work with a specialist rather than signing up for an online program, here is what you can expect.

If you are not looking to use a marketing service platform to delegate your online communications, you could hire an email marketing specialist or consultant. Per email services could vary in price, that price being dependent on the contents of the email. Per hour could be dependent on the expertise of the consultant. And lastly, per project is commonly this price due to everything that is included in a one-time setup.

Email marketing services can vary in price because there are countless ways to utilize their benefits. Communicating digitally with your client base can be hard to tackle if your business is growing, so determining which one will be most advantageous to you might depend on price. I hope that this helped you view some options for email marketing. Happy emailing!

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