Email Marketing

Are you looking for the biggest bang for your buck? Email marketing can deliver ROIs over 3800%!

Email marketing helps you make every other marketing channel more effective. Email marketing helps you generate leads, nurture leads, get more clients, and retain more clients.

But you have to do it right!

We work with companies in 4 different ways.

  1. Software Choice – We help companies choose the right email software or email platform. We represent many different programs, and will work with you to help you find the right one. We get paid by the company, so it doesn’t cost you anything. Your cost does not change whether you go directly to the company or go through our service.
  2. Training – If you purchase a software program through us, we provide our training library to you for free. This includes links for training of the software. And even more importantly, step by step tasks of how to launch your email marketing program the right way.  If you don’t buy through us, we charge $99 for access to our library.
  3. Coaching – If you want more training and coaching, we provide consultation packages that start at $99 per month.
  4. Done For You – If you want someone to completely take over your email marketing, we have set up of $250 up and then with $75 per hour for execution. Set up includes setting up your company details, setting up accounts, uploading your database, and creating your main template. The $75 per hour is for creating the email strategy and executing a full email program.