Who Cares About ‘Likes’

Social media has been the buzz for several years now.  Companies have spent thousands and thousands of hours and dollars (and more) to capitalize on this trend.

But is it really paying off?

It’s debatable.  Social media, unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, is the LEAST MEASURED.  And if it is measured, it’s rarely on anything that means putting money in the business owner’s pocket.

So who cares about LIKES and COMMENTS anyway?!?

Am I saying social media is a waste?  Yes and no.

I use social media regularly.  I have acquired clients on EVERY social media platform that I actively participate.  I also find it extremely useful to bring client relationships to a higher level and deliver better customer service.  So I do see the value in social media.

So why do I say it’s a waste?  Why do I say I don’t care about likes?  Because LIKES are not the point!

Businesses come to social media with a strategy or plan to get likes.  And I say that’s the wrong strategy and the wrong goal.  Likes mean nothing to your bottom line.  They don’t get new clients, they don’t help keep current or old clients, and they don’t add a service that is beneficial.

If you want your social media to really pay off, you have to set up a strategy and a plan that focuses on providing value to current clients and prospects and has the goal of getting you clients.

If you are interested in setting a social media strategy in place that helps bring you what you really want (new clients and retaining old clients), schedule a consultation.   www.JSBTampa.com/schedule

Have a profitable day!


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