18 Ideas to Help Promote Your Event

How can I promote my event?

There are so many different ways to promote events.  And you may choose to do some, none or all of these.

Here are 18 ways to help promote your event:

  1.  Share with your network – One of the easiest ways to increase attendance at events is to invite people that already know you and love you.  Tell your friends, family, colleagues, networking groups, etc about your event.  Encourage them to attend.  Encourage them to invite people.
  2. Make flyers.  This kind of goes with #1.  You will want to make invitations/flyers so you can hand out to people.  This is taking it back to old school.  But for some people, it’s the best way to get an interaction and commitment.
  3. Create an event on your page.  Allow people to sign up on your page.  If you are charging for the event, you may want to put a splash page before the payment page to capture people that had interest but didn’t buy for some reason.
  4. Create an event on MeetUp.
  5. Create an event on Craig’s List
  6. Create an event on Facebook
  7. Create a video for the event and share on YouTube.  Make sure to have a call to action in the description that brings people to the page where they can RSVP.  Use annotations and links within your video.
  8. Share the event from your page, FB event or MeetUp across all social media.
  9. Use Facebook ads to promote event.
  10. Use Facebook ads to promote your YouTube video.
  11. Use YouTube ads to promote your YouTube video.
  12. Email your list of clients, past clients, and networking people an invite.
  13. If business to business event, call local businesses to invite.
  14. Mail out invitations.
  15. Post video about your event on Facebook and LinkedIn groups periodically.
  16. Post event on Facebook and LinkedIn groups periodically.
  17. Get on local podcasts or radio shows to promote event.
  18. Hire a flyer delivery service to hand out flyers to local businesses.

Do you have other ways you promote your event?  Let us know!

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