How to Get Started on Canva

Canva is a great platform for design and content creation. With lots of free, pre-built content, it allows you to be innovative and informative with your marketing ideas. With Canva, you can design basically anything, such as documents, videos, or posters. I am going to take you through some of the basics of Canva so that you feel prepared to get creative, as well as prepare engaging content.

Creating an Account on Canva

Start by opening up Canva. This is where you will choose how you would like to sign up. The home page shows you various categories to start a project in. Such as social media, presentations, and marketing!

Starting a Project using Templates

I am going to design a presentation for this example, but Canva offers limitless options for creating content. You can start on the home page and find a specific project, you could look for an appealing template, or you can click on “create a design” on the top right to get started on a project. While you are working on the project, you can choose other templates or altar the one that you have already. These alterations could be changes in the color palette or changes in structure. Pre-built features or components of the template can be completely rearranged for more detail-oriented designs. 

Adding Media and Canva Elements

It is pretty easy to add photos or other forms of media to your content. Many photos and videos are free and they can add an engaging element to your presentation or post. It is easy to search for the media you’d like to add and upload it straight to the canvas. You can upload your own media, too. Media can be edited using effects, filters, or even lighting adjustments. Additionally, “elements” can be added to your design, which include stickers, charts, frames, etc. Adding text is super simple and there are numerous options to choose from. Video backgrounds are available for presentations, and if you wanted to add background noise or music to spice it up, that is an option as well.

Sharing and Uploading Your Content

When you’re ready to publish your work, you can download it straight to your device, you can share it with someone through Canva, or can publish it directly to your preferred platform. Click “share” in the upper right-hand corner to view the different ways to share.

After you click on “share”, you have the options to download, share on social, or even print out your design! To upload straight to a social network, click on the network you want to upload to. Then click on “connect”. It is that easy! Once you log in, you can directly upload your video, poster, or other design. This makes it super easy to upload creative content.

Benefits of Using Canva

This platform gives you endless possibilities for bringing your visions to life, whether that be a presentation, a product, or any kind of design. Canva allows you to edit virtually anything within your design, which allows you to create quality content for your business. I hope that this step-by-step gave you some clarification within the platform. Time to get creative!

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