How Do You Get Started With Content Marketing?

We have heard it for several years now, “Content is King.”  Content gives you the ability to create value, create expertise, and create your company’s image.

You get to create the story.  You have the voice to share information about your company, your why, your industry, your products and so much more.

What is included in content marketing?  Content is anything and everything you put out into the world (digitally or otherwise).  Blogs, websites, papers, articles, social media posts, videos, audios (including podcasts) and more.  The great thing about content marketing is you can share it in the format that best works for you, your audience, and for the topics, you are covering.

How do you get started in content marketing?

You will want to start with a plan.  This content marketing plan can be as detailed or as simple as you would like.  You will want to coordinate this plan with your overall marketing and sales plan.  A few key questions to answer for your content marketing plan include:

  1. Who am I? Who are we?
  2. Who is our target market?
  3. What do I want people/companies to say about my company/me?
  4. What do I want people/companies to feel about my company/me?
  5. What different ways can I show that?
  6. What forms of media do I want to use (written, video, audio, etc)?
  7. What platforms do I want to use (blogs, video blogs, social media, etc)?
  8. How much time do I want to dedicate to this?
  9. How much money do I want to dedicate to this?

[Click HERE to download a pdf of these questions]

Content marketing should be in addition to your other marketing and sales strategies.  If you do a good job creating content and providing value to your target market, you will be able to increase traffic to the website, increase lead generation, and increase brand recognition.

Are you ready to get started but need a little help?  Let us help you create a content marketing plan and start executing on it right away!  It’s less expensive than you think!!

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