Get Your YouTube Video Ranked

YouTube is a great video platform.  It’s also an amazing search engine.  People often go to YouTube before going to Google to help find something (especially any How To’s).  And YouTube videos rank well on Google.

So how do you get your YouTube video ranked?

Well, it goes without saying that you really need a video with good content (that people actually want to see).  I am assuming you have this.  The steps you need to follow include:

  1.  Determine what keywords you want to rank for.  You really should decide this before even starting your video scripting or video recording.
  2. Research what videos are currently ranking for those keywords (hint:  search for those keywords and find out who the top 5-10 are).
  3. Watch a few videos to see content.  This may help you decide to cover certain areas or answer certain questions.
  4. Check out the top videos for other factors.  You can check out the keywords by right clicking on the background of the video (then do a search for ‘keyword’). Check out this video on how to find the keywords.
    In addition to keywords, you will also want to see competitors’ channel and overall strategy.
  5. Once you have your keywords (and you have checked to see the volume, competition, etc), you will then create a script for your video that is keyword rich (but not stuffing where it sounds strange).
  6. Once you have recorded your high quality video (with high quality sound), make sure to save the video with your keywords in the file name.
  7. Upload your keyword rich video onto YouTube.
  8. Use your keywords in the title of the video
  9. Use your keywords in the description and tags.  Make it keyword rich but don’t stuff.
  10. Use a call to action in your description if possible (and if it makes sense).  Include your website (or landing page).  Many people put pages where people can directly buy the product or service that is mentioned in the video.
  11. PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!  Make sure to share your video across all of your social media, share via email, post in groups and pages.  You may also want to promote it via ads on various platforms.
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