If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Tell It’s Working

Great article by our CEO, Brad Swezey. I talk to a lot of small business owners who advertise in a lot of different publications and formats.   When asked if what they are doing is working, the usual answer I get is, "I think so," or some other variation of that. When I ask them how they know it is working or not, I often get blank stares or something like, "it seems busier lately or I overheard someone mention how they heard about us." Once I hear this, I am the one who has a blank stare.  The reason for this is that business owners are spending a good amount of money trying to get people to be aware of their business but don't systematically track their advertising and…
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Where Are Your Future Clients?

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As a smart business owner, you always need to know WHO your customer is.  For a recap on identifying your ideal client, go to the post Identify Your Ideal Client. And you also need to answer WHERE are your future clients. Once you have your customer persona (are they male/female, what age, where do they live, etc), you need to determine WHERE they are. Where do they get their information? What publications do they read? What websites do they frequent? Do they go to networking events?  Which ones? Do they read local publications? What radio stations do they listen to? What social media sites are they on? By pinpointing where your clients are, you can maximize your marketing dollars and get MORE SALES and MORE PROFIT while only spending dollars that…
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