What we do

We Minimize Your Chances of Wasting YOUR Money By Helping You to Avoid:

  • Targeting the Wrong Customers
  • Targeting the Right Customers in the Wrong Way
  • Spending YOUR Money On Ineffective/Costly Advertising Methods

We create and implement marketing plans that we GUARANTEE will generate clients and a minimum of $5,000 in additional revenue.

From lead generation both online and offline all the way through the close of the sale, we will help make every piece of your marketing more effective!


We help you target the right clients or customers, help them learn that you exist, see why you are different, so they do business with you and refer others to you.

Step 1: Identifying Your Ideal Client

Too many businesses are trying to sell to too many kinds of clients/customers, causing precious advertising money to be wasted.

Step 2: Overcoming Blandness

If you can’t describe how you are different than your competition, especially if you are a new business, why should people use you?

Step 3: Offering Continuing & New Value

We all know how much it takes to get new business or clients, right? So, why not focus on giving the clients we get better value through unique services so they don’t have to go anywhere else?

Step 4: Getting the Right People to Notice Your Business

No matter what, you need the right people to find out about your business and give it a try.  Don’t market Filet Mignon to someone who can only afford fast food.

Step 5: System for Continuing Contact with Those Who Noticed Your Business

Despite our desires for people to act right away, many people don’t.  So you need to be able to engage with them tactfully and consistently so they see why your business or practice is worth it.

Step 6: Wowing Them!

You put all that work in getting them to your business or practice.  Now you have to make sure they are “wowed” when they engage with your business or practice!

Step 7: Bean Counting

This makes most small business owners cringe but unless you know all the dollar amounts of everything related to sales and marketing, including how much a new customer/client is worth, you aren’t going to be able to systematically avoid wasting money so you invest your precious marketing and advertising dollars the right way.

Step 8: Making Sure You Reach Your Goal

Now that you know what you are uniquely offering and how you are going to do it, you want to make sure you are on track toward meeting your goals and objectives.   This includes a continuous reminder of why you are in business as well as establishing the goals and measuring them along the way.

We help our clients get more handshakes.  And we help our clients get clients on AUTO-PILOT!

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