What is Lumpy Mail?

People often ask me if they should use direct mail.  If they should spend money on postage and printing.  And (like I have said in a previous post), yes and no.

I do not believe it makes sense to spend a lot of money on printing and postage to a long, cold list.

But I am a big fan of using mail as part of the follow up system in various capacities.  Why?  Because these days mail stands out (vs. email).  I love the image below (because it’s so true).

I am also a fan of creating a very targeted, small list and using various follow up steps to ‘touch’ that list.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this:  You are an owner of an IT firm.  And you have determined that dentists are a great market for you.  More specifically you are looking for dentists that have 1 office with no more than 2 dentists and no more than 10 employees.

You will first start with identifying the list of 100 dentists that fit your above requirements.  You will then create a marketing system around these 100 dentists using lumpy mail (I promise to explain what lumpy mail is next).

  1. You send out a letter with a fun trinket (example mini Rubik’s Cube) that has a catchy saying and explains how your company can help (XYZ Company can help solve your complicated IT problems).  Since the letter has this item in it, it’s ‘lumpy.’  And people are just too curious not to open it.
  2. Next you will want to follow up with a phone call to this list.  You will have a slightly warmer call, but it’s still cold.  Ask for the appointment.  For those that set the appointment, close that sale.  For those that do not, keep following up.
  3. Send a follow up mail item that teases them on the next piece of mail coming.
  4. Send a 3rd piece of mail (and make it lumpy again).  Maybe this time you can include a mini looking glass and say “I can help you find and solve all of your IT issues.”
  5. Leave a message after hours as a follow up.  You will want to mention the items you have already sent.  You also want to have an offer.
  6. Do some LinkedIn research and find someone in every office to connect to on LinkedIn.
  7. Do some research on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the company.
  8. Send a follow up card saying that you will be sending another gift that will help them with their IT issues and goals.
  9. Send something that relates directly to your business.  Example, send an IT checklist of things that most companies have issues with and how to fix them.  Use a specific call to action to offer your services.
  10. Send an email (to all you have emails for — hopefully your internet search helped you find most) with a link to videos that show you how to do your own Geek Squad computer optimization without paying any fees (or something similar).
  11. Call and ask for an appointment to see if you can drop by some helpful information.

This is just an example of what you can do to mix in both traditional (offline) marketing and digital (online) marketing.  You will want to tailor the campaign to you, your industry, and your prospects.

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