Top of Mind: How To Stay in Front of Clients


You know the importance of staying in front of clients.  Most people have heard that it takes between 6 and 9 touches before a prospect becomes a client.

Once you have made contact with someone, how many times do you ‘touch’ them?  Most businesses or salespeople only do it once or maybe twice.

Once you have a client, do you stay in touch?  Most businesses do not do it on a regular basis.  Even though selling to an existing client can be more than 500% more effective than selling to a new client.

Why don’t more businesses stay in touch?

It’s time consuming and you have other things going on.  Often businesses don’t want to ‘bother’ their clients or prospects.  And they just don’t know what to say.

But what if you could create information your clients and prospects would want to see and do this in an automated fashion?

What Do You Need To Do?

1.  Get contact information.
You will need to gather the appropriate contact information for every client and prospect.  Key information:  name, address, email address, phone, and mobile phone.

2.  Create good content/information.
You need to create some good content.  So many businesses freeze on this step.  They don’t know what to write or what to include.  But it’s easier than you think and you know more than you think.  What are the most common questions your prospects ask before buying?  What information do you think people need to make a good decision?  What are the most common customer service type questions from your customers?  What are some good tips for your industry?  **KEY NOTE:  Do NOT make this salesy.  Give good information that people will find valuable and want to read.  You can include a link or comment.  But do not make the contact about sales.

3.  Get a follow up system.
I recommend getting a follow up system for emails.  I personally think you should mix up the media.  For example, follow up with emails, a letter, a note, a card, phone call etc.  But because you want to automate, use emails as the primary contact.

There are many different follow up systems.  A few systems include:  Aweber, Constant Contact, Ontraport, Infusion, MailChimp and more. Check out this comparison of different programs to see which one may be right for you.

4.  Set up the system and start.
Now it’s time to enter all contacts into the new system.  Set up the emails with the valuable content you created.  And go!

So few people get this done because of the time and effort it takes to set up the system.  It takes hours and hours and days and days to set it all up.  But once you have the system going, it will pay off.  You just have to do all the work on the front end.

5.  Analyze, tweak, and start again!
Once you set up your system and have it running, you’re not done!  All the different systems have analytics you can review.  How is your email open rate?  How many people are clicking on the links within your email?  Are certain emails working better than others?  What type of conversion are you getting?

You will take all of that data and tweak your process to increase every step to make EVERY step more effective.

You should constantly be adding content.



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