Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC is a marketing strategy that charges the user every time a prospect clicks on a link. This is much different than previous marketing efforts where the focus was on exposure or impressions.

Pay Per Click is available on a variety of different platforms. The most notable is Google Adwords. There are also PPC programs with Bing. Social media platforms also use a PPC model (although there are different choices). Facebook ad campaigns are the most common on social media.

Should you use PPC programs? What platform should you use? What amount do you need to spend? How do you increase the effectiveness of your ad and lower your acquisition cost?

These are all questions we help our clients address. We can consult with you on PPC programs or we can manage your pay per click program.

The cost of the campaigns will depend on the types of results you want, the type of company, the budget, and the length of the campaign.