SEO & Content Really Can Go Together

In the early days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many companies created absolute nonsense in their content.  You would read the content and think ‘did this person even proofread this garbage?’  You would see the same word again and again.  You would see weird bolds and underlines.  And it just didn’t make sense to any human.

It did, however, make sense to the search engine.

This type of writing was popular to increase traffic (although I can’t imagine it kept people on the site or made them want to return).

Now the search engines are smarter.  Search engines began recognizing keyword stuffing, ‘invisible’ key words, and gaming the system.  Websites started being penalized for black hat or gray hat (depending on where you sit on the fence) methods.

So what does that mean now?  What are search engines really looking for?

Search engines are behaving more like humans.  With more advanced algorithms and feedback systems, search engines are able to determine what websites are doing.  Like people, search engines are looking for websites to trust.  They want to get the user or searcher the MOST RELEVANT website for their search.  They use a variety of ways to do this.  But the key here is TRUST.

These days great content that is well written, relevant, and original is both good for search engines and good for people.  Great content is now the goal for SEO.

What is content?

These days content means many things. What types of content are we talking about? All of it.
Examples of content:
1. Articles
2. Images
3. Infographics
4. Charts
5. Videos
6. Podcasts
7. Other audio
8. Ebooks
9. Online courses
10. Presentations
11. White papers
12. Testimonials
13. Tools (example: online calculators, online website rankers, etc.)
14. Challenges/contents
15. Worksheets/workbooks
and more!


So what should you do?

When you are creating your content for SEO, make sure you are creating it with both the search engine and your audience in mind. You need to answer questions your target audience is asking. You need to use key words, use good grammar, and most importantly provide value.

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