The Power of CLOSING Your Mouth!

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Ok, so that sounds kinda harsh.  But you know you have been around a sales person or business owner that won’t hush.  They talk and talk and talk about the stuff they want to.  About the stuff they want you to know.  But they don’t close their mouth and open their ears.

They never ask you what you want.  They don’t ask about your problems, your concerns, your issues.  They don’t ask you what you know about the industry.

I don’t know if they don’t care or just don’t know better.

I’m leaning towards just not knowing better because I HAVE BEEN GUILTY OF THIS.  When I was first in sales, I was the ‘show up and throw up’ because (GET THIS) corporate America still teaches this.  They teach scripts.  They teach you that ‘our company has been in business for 30 years and we are the biggest’ BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.


So how can you avoid doing this?

When I first wrote this (in the editing phase 😉 ), I had a list of to do’s.  Then I realized, “this is just dumb.”

What you have to do is:  FOCUS ON HELPING YOUR CUSTOMERS by LISTENING.  That’s it.  Find out who your customer is, listen to their problems and concerns, figure out if you have the solution, and offer it to them (and if you don’t, tell them).

LISTEN to learn.

LISTEN to help.

LISTEN to build a relationship.


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