Marketing Help in Tampa

Marketing Help for Small Businesses in Tampa

Follow Your Arrow Marketing

Follow Your Arrow Marketing is a Tampa marketing firm with a focus on small businesses.  We have one purpose: to get our clients the most number of customers and profit for the least amount of marketing dollars.  We do this using both online and offline methods.  And we coordinate these methods to get you the best marketing bang for your buck!

We start with a marketing strategy. This strategy is created by asking you what your goals are, how you want your company viewed and many others (over 45 questions). We then take your information and research your company, products/services, competitors, industry and more and create a marketing analysis and specific steps you need to take. This analysis is about 7-10 pages and gives step by step instructions on how to get where you are right now to where you want to be. You can choose to do all of the recommendations yourself or we can help with some or all of it.

We know we can help you!  Our marketing analysis comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Check out our quick video on what marketing help means: