Interview with Laura Sayegh, business owner and head designer at Laura’s Design Studio

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I had the opportunity to interview Laura Sayegh with Laura’s Design Studio. Laura works with small, mid and large businesses in Tampa and surrounding areas with their design and branding needs. While Laura is quiet and modest, her work speaks for itself. Her designs and her portfolio is jaw dropping. Below is our conversation: Robyn: What is the biggest account you have landed? Laura: Bright House Networks   Robyn: Wow. That is a huge account. How did you get that account? Laura: I let all my friends and family know that I was going into business for myself. And my cousin referred me to a friend that was in the same field at a company in Florida. I reached out to her friend via LinkedIn. After we connected, we realized…
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6 Networking Tips to Make Your Networking More Effective

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Networking really does work.  It works in increasing business, increasing job opportunities, and increasing friendships! Some people are so very successful at networking, and some people struggle and never really benefit. Here are my tips for getting the most out of your networking: 1) GO TO THE RIGHT MEETINGS This requires you to do a little homework and find out what groups would benefit you and your company most. (more…)
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