Where Are Your Future Clients?

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As a smart business owner, you always need to know WHO your customer is.  For a recap on identifying your ideal client, go to the post Identify Your Ideal Client. And you also need to answer WHERE are your future clients. Once you have your customer persona (are they male/female, what age, where do they live, etc), you need to determine WHERE they are. Where do they get their information? What publications do they read? What websites do they frequent? Do they go to networking events?  Which ones? Do they read local publications? What radio stations do they listen to? What social media sites are they on? By pinpointing where your clients are, you can maximize your marketing dollars and get MORE SALES and MORE PROFIT while only spending dollars that…
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Before You Do Anything Else, Identify Your Ideal Client!

So many businesses make the mistake of never really identifying their customer.  And your customer is not "everyone."   If it is, you are going to be wasting a lot of marketing dollars. By identifying an ideal client, you can go after the most profitable customers.  You do this by tailoring your message specifically to this ideal client and distributing this message exactly where your ideal client is. Assuming you already have clients, make a list of your top 10 clients (top 10 most profitable clients that you enjoy working with).  Questions to ask to help you identify your target market for B2C (business to consumer): Male or female Race Age range Income level Asset level Geographical location Other specific factors which may include school attended, specific groups, religious affiliation,…
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6 Networking Tips to Make Your Networking More Effective

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Networking really does work.  It works in increasing business, increasing job opportunities, and increasing friendships! Some people are so very successful at networking, and some people struggle and never really benefit. Here are my tips for getting the most out of your networking: 1) GO TO THE RIGHT MEETINGS This requires you to do a little homework and find out what groups would benefit you and your company most. (more…)
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Give More!

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One of my core beliefs not just in the business world but in life in general is you need to always give more.  And this ‘give’ should come first from you. I believe that great people know that the more you give the more you will receive. Imagine if you decided to provide value to 10 people at a networking event over several different encounters.  Imagine that you went out of your way to do this and never once asked for anything in (more…)
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The Two Most Important Sales Lessons I Learned From My Mom

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The two most important sales lessons I learned from my mom growing up. Go make some friends My mom always told me to go outside, go to school, go to practice and ‘make friends.’  And as my sales career progresses, I realize that she taught me one of the most valuable sales lessons.  She taught me how important it was to build relationships.  When I asked my mom ‘how do I make friends’ she always replied ‘be a friend.’  She said it’s all about doing right by people and being trustworthy. (more…)
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