Email Marketing:  Where’s the Email Marketing Rule Book?

Email Marketing: Where’s the Email Marketing Rule Book?

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Email Marketing:  Where’s the Email Rule Book? Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment (if not the highest) of any marketing tactic.  It’s important for Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business companies.  So we must have an email marketing rulebook, right?  No, there’s not one.  Email campaigns perform differently with different audiences, voices, products, services and more. What does this mean to you? This means that while you can use tips and good rules of thumb, you HAVE TO test to get the most out of your email marketing campaign.  You can review the best performing email campaigns, but if it doesn’t work for your company, brand, voice or audience, it doesn’t matter. What are a few tips for testing your email marketing campaign? The subject line is the most…
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Marketing Automation: How to Bring Sales & Marketing Together

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Marketing automation is all the buzz these days.  Companies and organizations are beginning to see the value.  If implemented and executed correctly, it can be one of the most beneficial and profitable marketing tactics you can use.  One of the key benefits to marketing automation is the alignment of the sales and marketing teams. We all know the struggle between marketing and sales.  While the end goal should be the same, the sales team and the marketing team usually are at odds with each other.  Marketing Automation is a great way to integrate the sales and marketing teams. Marketing automation helps sales and marketing create the same end goals. As discussed in the Marketing Automation article on, a key part of marketing automation is the CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool. …
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How Do You Get Started With Content Marketing?

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We have heard it for several years now, “Content is King.”  Content gives you the ability to create value, create expertise, and create your company’s image. You get to create the story.  You have the voice to share information about your company, your why, your industry, your products and so much more. What is included in content marketing?  Content is anything and everything you put out into the world (digitally or otherwise).  Blogs, websites, papers, articles, social media posts, videos, audios (including podcasts) and more.  The great thing about content marketing is you can share it in the format that best works for you, your audience, and for the topics, you are covering. How do you get started in content marketing? You will want to start with a plan.  This…
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Steps for Getting Started with Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation allows your marketing to be more efficient and effective.  It frees up your time and makes your other marketing and sales better. Below are the steps to start with marketing automation: Organize contacts Consolidate - You need to consolidate all of your contacts into one place. If you have them in spreadsheets, different email programs, different CRM systems, and on paper, it’s time to get them all into one area. Screen - Once you have the contacts in one place, now it’s time to review and clean the list. Are there people that no longer have that email (example:  people that are no longer at the company)? Identify Source - Identify where the contact/lead was acquired. This is important for marketing ROI. Segment - After you clean the…
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What are key metrics for email marketing?

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Email marketing has a high return on investment.  As a marketer, you should be testing and monitoring all of your marketing efforts including email marketing.  You need to watch a few key metrics to make sure your email marketing is performing and to optimize it.  Below are 9 key metrics for email marketing. # of contacts – The number of contacts is a great metric because you always want to be growing your list.  Just remember though:  quality is more important than quantity. Breakdown of segments – Within your contact list, you will want to segment your list. Segments will depend on you, your business, your products/services, and your marketing strategy.  The number in each segment is a great way to measure the effectiveness of growing certain areas. Open rate –…
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