Top of Mind: How To Stay in Front of Clients

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You know the importance of staying in front of clients.  Most people have heard that it takes between 6 and 9 touches before a prospect becomes a client. Once you have made contact with someone, how many times do you 'touch' them?  Most businesses or salespeople only do it once or maybe twice. Once you have a client, do you stay in touch?  Most businesses do not do it on a regular basis.  Even though selling to an existing client can be more than 500% more effective than selling to a new client. Why don't more businesses stay in touch? It's time consuming and you have other things going on.  Often businesses don't want to 'bother' their clients or prospects.  And they just don't know what to say. But what…
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Why Should You Use Google Analytics

Small businesses don't use data and analytics as much as they need to.  They spend money on trying to get customers.  But they don't always spend it in the right places at the right times. Google Analytics, an awesome, FREE tool provided by Google, allows small businesses the opportunity to see what is really going on with their website.  You can find out who is going to your site, where they are coming from (what is actually generating the traffic), how long they are staying on your site, what pages they are going to, and so much more. Why do you care?  And why should you use Google Analytics?  It can show you which marketing method you should continue with and which one you should dump.  It can tell you…
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19 of the Best Small Business Applications for 2018

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Do you have a favorite application for your small business? We have MANY favorites! From organization tools to scheduling to collaboration and automation, these tools will help your business be more efficient and effective! This is an updated post from a previous post in 2016.  We just added some new favorites! Here's our favorite 2018 Applications and Programs for Small Business! ActiveCampaign - ActiveCampaign has moved to the top of the list.  It's our FAVORITE marketing automation, email marketing, and light CRM platform.  Learn more about ActiveCampaign. HootSuite - Hootsuite is a scheduling and monitoring application for social media.  You are able to post across many different platforms as well as monitor mentions, tags, etc. on many different social media sites.  Just remember though:  you still need to log in to…
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What is UTM?  Why Should I Use UTM Parameters?

What is UTM? Why Should I Use UTM Parameters?

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UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module code and is the code added to the end of a URL or link.  UTMs allows you to measure where your traffic is coming from in more detail than you can get from referrer traffic.  If you do not use UTMs you will still see the referrer of traffic, but you may miss key details such as what specific post, tweet, page or link the user clicked to get to your site. UTMs include the source, medium, and campaign.  An example UTM is below:     ?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=profile&utm_campaign=email UTMs are a very valuable tracking tools to help you make better decisions.  A few important points to remember are:  be consistent, use dashes, don’t repeat yourself, use lower case, and keep it simple but descriptive. Use…
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