4 Words Every Leader Needs to Say

What 4 words should every leader say?

Is it the latest buzz words in Corporate America like:  take that conversation offline, there’s low hanging fruit, let’s bubble this up, I’ll loop you in, my one ask is…(and so many more)?

Is it management sounding words like accountability, crowdsource, deficiency, facilitate, etc?

Is it words that require a special dictionary?


It’s much simpler than all of that.  The 4 words are “I made a mistake.”

Nothing is more frustrating than having a leader that cannot admit he or she is wrong.

People make mistakes.  And if you do not show your team that not only is it ok to make mistakes, it is vitally important to own the mistake!

The worst thing you can do is create a culture of people fearful to make mistakes.  And when you don’t own your mistakes, that’s exactly what it creates.

If people fear mistakes they will:  1. not be as creative or have as much initiative because they are afraid to make a mistake and 2. hide mistakes they make.

“I made a mistake.” 4 Words that will make a difference!


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