4 Key Steps in Marketing & Sales Funnels

You have probably heard people talk about marketing or sales funnels. You may have heard them referred to as a follow up system (check out our article here >> sales funnel <<).  There’s been a lot of buzz about optimizing your sales funnel to get you leads and clients.

Below are the 4 key steps the customer goes through in your sales funnel.  It’s important to remember that different prospects and customers go through each of the steps at their own pace.  Some people may go through all of them in 1 day while others may take years to go through.

Each step requires a different approach and a different emphasis.  The 4 key steps are:  1) awareness, 2) interest, 3) consideration, and 4) decision.


Awareness is about making your target audience AWARE of your product or service.  This comes in many forms.  You may be just making sure that they know your brand is out there.  Or it may be a completely new product or service that requires you to educate your customer base.  In the awareness phase, it’s important to realize this is where you captured the lead information.


Your target market is now familiar with your product or service (maybe they now understand what it is or your name starts to sound familiar).  Interest is about getting your prospects to start thinking about the problems you brought up and your company’s solution.  This is the first step in nurturing the lead.  You want to share your story, your why, your solutions, etc.


The consideration stage is about the prospects thinking about your solution as their solution.  This continues the nurturing.  In consideration, this is when your lead becomes a qualified lead.  You will want to share stories about how people or companies that were similar used your solution to solve their problem.  You are continuing to build the know, like and trust.


YAY!  This is the best stage.  Decision is about the prospect becoming a client.  They make the decision to trust your company and product/service.  This is not the end of the line for nurturing.  This begins an entirely new nurturing phase where you confirm their decision, thank them for their business, offer other products/services, ask for referrals and more.  You will continue to nurture providing value and showing that you value their business.


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